Our COVID-19 response team (Geogamut – CRT)

  1.  The Geogamut Covid-19 Response Team (CRT)  is comprised of our HSE Officer and three other members of staff on a project, and a nurse/doctor at the closest local health facility in the community we are operating in.
  2. CRT is responsible for managing and supporting the field crew’s response to any incidents related to the COVID- 19 pandemic.
  3. The team from Geogamut continue to receive in-depth training on enhanced COVID-19 response protocols before commencement and during the field activities.
  4. In the event an employee shows the slightest symptoms of COVID-19 related illness (eg. fatigue, cold, headache), the CRT  immediately isolates the said employee and contacts the emergency health facility for isolation.
  5. Tests will be conducted thereafter and if positive, quarantine procedures activated.
  6. Contact tracing is then conducted on all possible contact-persons.
  7. And test will be conducted on all such contact-person to determine their respective status before allowing them to work.

(This has the propensity of temporarily disrupting work, but it is for the common good till Covid-19 is over)